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Useful tips and proven techniques from the world of dry construction. Do-It-Yourself videos accompanied by detailed blog articles for easy home repairs.

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How to Hang Light Chandelier on Suspended Ceiling

In this article we provide you with a few easy steps showing how to install a light hanging lamp on a suspended ceiling.

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HOW-TO: Basic technical rules to follow when working with gypsum mixtures during winter

At the beginning of March we answer two of the most frequently asked questions about working with dry gypsum mixtures during the winter months of...

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How to Build Decorative Hidden Curtain Rod

Learn how to build a decorative hidden curtain rod on your own in a few easy steps.

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Titan Board provides significantly higher performance in key areas.

In the following article, Selvin will present some more information about the most innovative addition to the brand's product range.

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How to Build a Decorative Box for Indirect Lighting

See how to build a decorative element for indirect diffused LED strip lights step by step.

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How to Install Decorative Box for Downlights

Find out how to install a decorative box for downlights on your own here.