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Useful tips and proven techniques from the world of dry construction. Do-It-Yourself videos accompanied by detailed blog articles for easy home repairs

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What are the Different Types of Special Screws for Dry Construction?

We give you more information about the different types and sizes of special screws for drywall.

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How and for What to Use Titan Board?

Learn how and where you can use our new revolutionary board - Titan Board.

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How to Hang a Curtain Rod on Titan Board?

The aim of this article is to explain how you can quickly and easily hang a curtain rod on Titan Board.

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How to Line a Window with Titan Board?

Here we provide useful information about how you can easily and quickly line a window with Titan Board.

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How to Install a Shelf on Titan Board Using Plasterboard Screw?

Check out this useful article in which we explain how to install a shelf on Titan Board.

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How to Build a Double-Layer Partition Wall Technogips Pro W1-2 with Titan Board?

In the following article we give you detailed guidance about how to quickly and easily build a partition wall with Titan Board.