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Useful tips and proven techniques from the world of dry construction. Do-It-Yourself videos accompanied by detailed blog articles for easy home repairs

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Suspended Ceiling C1-1 with Adjusting Bracket

Learn how you can install a suspended ceiling on one level with Adjusting Bracket.

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How to Install UD Profiles?

The aim of this article is to give you detailed explanation of how you can easily install UD profiles.

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How to Build a Wall Lining for a Curved Wall?

Read this article if you want to learn how to mount a single-layer cladding on a suspended ceiling.

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Main function of system solutions for dry construction in the modern sustainable construction

Mario Marinkov - Technical Specialist - Systems and Products shares important information about system solutions in dry construction.

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Safety and Durability of the Construction under Corrosive Conditions

High level protection against corrosion guarantees the metal stud frame of the system solution will remain unaffected by an aggressive environment.

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How to Build a Construction for a Curved Wall?

Through this article we want to give you information on how you can build а construction for a curved wall.