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Useful tips and proven techniques from the world of dry construction. Do-It-Yourself videos accompanied by detailed blog articles for easy home repairs

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How to finish the joints of Titan Board, Level Q2?

Here we explain you how to finish the plasterboard joints of Titan Board.

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How to fill the joints of Titan Board, level Q1?

Here you can learn how to fill and reinforce Titan Board joints.

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How to Properly Fix Titan Board?

If you want to find out how you can quickly and easily fix Titan Board read this blog article.

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How to Cut Titan Board?

The aim of this article is to give you detailed explanation of how to quickly, easily, and correctly cut Titan Board.

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How to Achieve Surface Quality Levels (Q1-Q4) with a Banjo, Roller and Skimming Spatula?

We give you more information about how you can achieve levels (Q1-Q4) of surface finishing.

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High walls, Suitable products for achieving surface quality levels (Q1-Q4), the most suitable tape for reinforcing joints.

Through this article we want to give you information about the system solutions that we offer which are suitable for high walls.