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Useful tips and proven techniques from the world of dry construction. Do-It-Yourself videos accompanied by detailed blog articles for easy home repairs

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How to Achieve Surface Quality Levels (Q1-Q4) with a Drywall Trowel?

Today we explain how you can achieve the levels of surface finishing (Q1-Q4) according to Eurogypsum’s classification.

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How to Construct a Window Opening and Install a Window in a Partition Wall?

Learn how to construct a window opening and install a window in a partition wall.

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How to Cut a Window Opening in a Partition Wall?

Today we explain how you can easily and quickly cut a window opening in plasterboard partition wall.

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What are the Basic Tools for Dry Construction? Part 2

Check out this useful article in which we give more information about some of the most fundamental tools used in dry construction.

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How to choose between drywall and self-drilling screw, pick the correct dry construction tape and choose a system solution for dividing your living room in two

Here we provide information on several subjects regarding dry construction.

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How to Build a Shower Enclosure with Premium boards Blue Board?

The aim of this article is to give you detailed explanation of how to build a shower enclosure with Blue Board.