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SPRINT Plus lightweight gypsum-based machine and hand plaster

Smoothness. Lower cost. Every time.

SPRINT PLUS is a lightweight gypsum-based machine plaster for one-layer application on interior walls and ceilings in premises with normal humidity. Lighter formula with perlitе ensuring fast laying and economical consumption.


  • It is intended for making surfaces that are ready for painting, laying wallpaper or proper decorative plasters, and finishing skim coats
  • Perfect for laying on oven and red bricks, cement and lime-sand blocks, roughened concrete
  • Suitable for all types of machines for fine plasters
  • The product can be applied for manual laying


  • If processed with a water scraper, high smoothness is achieved and there is no need for additional skim coating
  • More economical and easier to work with
  • With up to 30% smaller weight than lime-cement plasters
  • High content of gypsum for maximum elasticity without cracks

Technical Information

In compliance with EN 13279-2:2014 Type B4/50/2
Time for work ~ 120 min
Consumption ~ 8.5 kg/m²/10 mm
Coverage ~ 3.5 m²/ 30 kg
Mixing ratio ~ 18 l water: 30 kg
Application temperature 5° - 30 ° C
Bond strength 0.15 Mpa
Reaction to fire A1
Expiry date 6 months


Paper bag 30 kg
Pallet 40 bags
Pallet weight 1200 kg



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Declaration of Performance

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Safety Data Sheet

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Technical Data Sheet

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