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Safety and Durability of the Construction under Corrosive Conditions

Depending on the environmental conditions (possibility or presence of condensation in places with swimming pools, places with chemical pollutants, partition walls and linings near coastal areas or in industrial facilities, etc.) it is recommended to use special profiles and accessories reinforced with additional anticorosion coating. Providing high level protection against corrosion guarantees that the metal stud frame of the system solution will remain unaffected by an aggressive environment for a long period of time.

More protection and long service life of the construction with the special Technogips Pro Premium Profiles and accessories with anti-corrosion coating C4 or C5 depending on the application areas and environmental conditions. Category for Protection Against Corrosion, acc. EN ISO 12944-2:

  • Class C3 Medium Level of Protection, Aggressive Environment Examples:

External: Urban and industrial atmospheric conditions with moderate levels of air pollutants, coastal areas with low levels of salt content.

Internal: Production areas with high levels of moisture and moderate levels of air pollutants e.g. milk processingareas, breweries, laundries, food production facilities.

  • Class C4 High Level of Protection, Aggressive Environment Examples:

External: Industrial zones, coastal areas with moderate levels of salt in the air.

Internal: Spaces where condensation is frequent, with high levels of air pollutants caused by manufacturing processes, e.g. industrial facilities, places with swimming pools, public changing rooms and shower rooms.

  • Class C5 Highest Level of Protection, Aggressive Environment Examples:

External: Industrial zones, coastal areas and buidilngs near the beach with high levels of salt in the air.

Internal: Buildings and areas subject to constant condensation, intense humidity and high levels of pollutants e.g. sea water or thermal baths.

Technogips Pro Products with Anti-corrosion Coating:

CD 60 & UD 27 Super Premium C4 Profile

CW & UW Super Premium C4 Profile

CD 60 & UD 27 Super Premium C5 Profile

CW & UW Super Premium C5 Profile

Blue Board screw TB 3.9x30 Super Premium C5 

Drywall Screw TN 3.5х25 Super Premium C5 

Self-drilling Screw TB 3.5х25 Super Premium C5 

Drywall Screw TEX LB 4.2x13 Super Premium C5

Adjusting Bracket 125 Super Premium C5 

Nonius Hanger Super Premium C5 

CD Cross Connector Super Premium C5 

CD Connector Super Premium C5 

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