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How to carry and store profiles, compounds, and accessories safely?

Learn the basic tips for correct and safe storing of profiles, compounds, and accessories on the construction site.

It is recommended that there are two people moving the packs of profiles for dry construction. This way each person carries a lighter weight load, and it is also easier to maneuver the profiles. In case there is only one person moving the load, he needs to carry only one pack of profiles at a time and lift the weight with his legs to keep the back safe (as shown in the video below).

The bags of dry gypsum mixtures must be carried one by one by a person.
Arrange the bags on a wooden pallet or a dry flat surface away from moist floor and walls.

In case there is high changing humidity in the space, this could lead to a change in the setting time of the material. Excessive moisture could also cause a development of hardened lumps and change of the consistency of the compound.

The boxes of accessories are light in weight, therefore, several boxes can be carried at once by one person.

Storage of all drywall construction products should always be indoors, on a dry level surface, away from heavy traffic.

Take a look at our recommendations in the video below: