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Tips for Fire Prevention and Protection

This month we are joining the "Fire Prevention and Protection" campaign, which is organized worldwide every October. To raise awareness and reduce the consequences of fires that can be prevented, we want to share with you some tips.

Prepare a fire evacuation plan in advance

To be prepared in case of fire, you must draw up an evacuation plan in advance for all rooms in case of fire. We advise you to test the plan by following the drawings route and with your eyes closed, as in case of fire you may not have visibility from smoke.

Keep a fire extinguisher in a convenient place

Keep a fire extinguisher in a convenient place at critical points in the apartment, for example in the kitchen. You might need it in case the heated oil catches fire. In such case, you have to use the fire extinguisher because it should not be extinguished with water.

Provide system solutions throughout the home

Make sure that all built walls and ceilings in your home have a certificate of fire protection and a guaranteed rating for certain minutes of endurance in case of fire. Use systems solutions for fire protection such as Technogips Pro's W1-3 Fire Wall 180 throughout the home, not just the kitchen. This will ensure that the fire would not spread throughout your home, and you will have time for evacuation and protection of the remaining property up to 180 minutes.

Do not use damaged electrical cables

Keep the cables away from heated surfaces in order not to melt the outside protection. If you notice any damage to a cable, replace it immediately in order to eliminate the risk of electricity causing a fire, especially when you are not in the room. Do not put cables under the carpet, especially if they are damaged, as if you step on them often, you can break them and cause a fire.

Keep heaters at least 1 meter away from flammable items

If you use heaters that have very hot parts, keep them at least 1 meter away from any flammable objects. Mostly from curtains and rugs that could catch fire in a few seconds.

Discuss these tips with your family and make sure your home is safe.

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