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How to carry and store plasterboard safely?

In most cases there is a lack of space and accessibility for mechanical lifting equipment at the construction site. 

Therefore, the pallets with plasterboards need to be carried to the place intended for installation manually. In this case, it’s necessary to follow a few simple steps to ensure easier and safer work method as well as to preserve the quality of the material until its installation.

1. Plasterboards should be carried by two people standing at each of the long sides of the board and holding each end of the board respectively. Due to the high elasticity of the plasterboard material, it is not allowed to carry it horizontally as this could lead to deformation and microcracks within the gypsum core of the board.

2. The weight of one plasterboard varies in between 15 and 35 kg depending on its type and size. Always apply such a lifting technique which transfers the weight to your legs (not backbone).

3. Always store the plasterboard inside an interior dry and well-ventilated space. In case you have a partially wet plasterboard you need to wait until it dries up completely before installation. Always remember that plasterboard preserves all of its qualities when it dries up completely.

4. In case you plan to store plasterboards for a long period of time always place the boards on top of horizontally laid props at 60 cm distance on an even floor.

5. It is allowed to store plasterboards vertically (while standing on their long side) for a very short period of time right before installation. Always place a minimum of 2 supporting props in order to keep the edges intact and dry.

6. It is not allowed to store the plasterboards vertically while standing on their short side since they could fall over and cause an accident!


Don’t miss out our special video showing how to apply the tips above in practice: