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Cladding of a Suspended Ceiling C1-1

In this short article we explain how to mount a single-layer claading on a suspended ceiling on one level Technogips Pro C1-1.

Products and tools you need:

  • Standard Plasterboard Type A 12.5 mm
  • Drywall Screw TN 3.5x25
  • Tape Measure
  • Level 
  • Choke Line Marker
  • Drywall Screwdriver

Here are the steps we followed:

The installation of the plasterboard cladding starts from the middle of the ceiling grid, when the surrounding walls are uneven. With straight walls, installation starts from one corner of the room and continues to the center.

For easier and faster installation of the boards, we outline the position of the profiles on the board itself. In our case, the main Premium profiles CD 60 are mounted at a distance of 500 mm for transverse mounting of the boards and accordingly we mark the position of each profile on the board to know the exact position of the profile.

The next step is to fix the Standard plasterboard type A 12.5 mm to the suspended ceiling grid by Drywall screw TN 3.5x25 and the distance between the individual screws must be max. 200 mm.

When installing the end plasterboards to the enclosing profiles, a joint of 2 mm must be provided to absorb the thermal expansions of the building.