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Plasterboard Type H2 Joint Filling with FUGA Hydro

In this article we explain how to quickly and easily fill the joints of moisture resistant plasterboard type H2 with FUGA Hydro.

Tools and products you need:

  • FUGA Hydro
  • Moisture Resistant Plasterboard Type H2
  • Glass-fibre Joint Tape
  • Mechanical Stirrer
  • Drywall Trowel
  • Joint Knife

Here are the steps we followed:

Using the moisture resistant plasterboard type H2 in combination with FUGA Hydro will provide additional protection to the surfaces against the moisture penetration in wet premises indoors.

Pour water into a clean container and add FUGA Hydro moisture resistance joint filler to it, so that 1-2 mm of the water remains above the level of the gypsum mixture (about 500 ml of water per 1 kg of product). Wait for the mixture to settle for approximately 5 minutes, then stir with mechanical stirrer until a smooth and homogeneous mixture is formed. Once the mixture is ready, we can proceed to filling the joints. 

Place a sufficient amount of the mixture on the drywall trowel and apply a thin layer to create a smooth transition between the joint and the board. This layer should be approx. 200 mm wide along the entire length of the joint.

Reinforce the joint with glass-fibre joint tape then add another layer of the FUGA Hydro mixture along the length of the joint.

Repeat the same action for all joints on the boards.

Using a joint knife fill the heads of the screws as well as the joints on the internal corners. After the first layer is applied reinforce with glass-fibre joint tape and finish with a second layer of FUGA Hydro.