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Suspended Ceiling C1-1 with Premium Nonius Hanger

In this video we show how to install a suspended ceiling on one level Technogips Pro C1-1 with Premium Nonius hanger.


Products and tools you need:

  • Nonius Hanger, Upper Part
  • Premium Nonius Hanger
  • Bracket for Nonius Hanger
  • Premium Profiles CD 60
  • Drywall Screw TEX TN 4.2x13
  • CD Crosswise-One-Side Connector
  • Tape Measure
  • Level 
  • Choke Line Marker
  • Tin Snips
  • Drywall Screwdriver


Here are the steps we followed:

With the help of а tape measure, pencil and choke line marker we mark the axes on which the Premium Nonius hangers will be mounted and subsequently the Premium profiles CD 60. We mark the first axis at a distance of max. 300 mm from the enclosing wall and each subsequent one must be 500 mm in transverse mounting or 400 mm in longitudinal mounting of the panels.

We proceed to the installation of the Nonius hanger, upper part to the main ceiling with 2 suitable fasteners according to the type of the supporting ceiling. With a solid reinforced concrete slab ceiling, we recommend the use of the Ceiling Anchor 6x40/60 only. When installing the suspension structure on suspended ceilings, the use of a nail plug or other cross element with a nylon dowel is not allowed, as this type of fasteners are not resistant to tension in case of fire.

The distance between the Nonius hanger, upper part should be in accordance with the weight of the future gypsum plasterboard cladding. The carrying capacity of the combination Nonius hanger, upper part, Premium Nonius hanger, bottom  part and bracket is 1.0 kN or 100 kg/m2. More information on sizing and choosing a suitable hanger can be found on page 77 of Catalog Systems Technogips Pro.

We continue with the sizing of the main Premium CD 60 profiles. The total length of the profile must be 10 mm less than the size of the room in order to allow for linear expansion of the profile and, accordingly, to avoid cracking joints between plasterboards.

The installation of the Premium Profiles CD 60 to the Nonius hanger is done after precise leveling according to the already defined level of the suspended ceiling and fixing the two parts of the Premium Nonius hanger with a clamp. 

 To stabilize the suspended structure and strengthen the non-factory fugue between drywall boards, we recommend the installation of transverse mounting Premium profiles CD 60.

They are dimensioned according to the distance between the main profiles and are mounted to them via a CD connection on one level. As many cross-connections are made as there are non-factory joints on the plasterboards.


With this step, the installation of the suspended ceiling structure on one level Technogips Pro C1-1 with Premium Nonius hanger is completed.