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How to Properly Fix Titan Board?

In this video we demonstrate how to quickly, easily fix Titan Board.


Tools and products you need:

  • Premium Profile CW
  • Titan Screw
  • Drywall Screwdriver

Here are the steps we followed:

Boards should never touch the floor. Approximately 10 mm of gap should be left at the floor connection when fixing boards. Horizontal and vertical joints on opposite side of the partition should be staggered.

We attach the Titan Board to the construction made with vertical CW profiles.

Always start fixing the plasterboard from one of the ends, never from the middle.

We fix the boards to the profiles using a drywall screwdriver and the special screws for Titan Board – Titan Screw. The screws must be fixed at a distance of 10 mm from the edges of the board. The screwdriver must be held perpendicular to the board, so that the angle between the board and the screw is 90 degrees. The screw head should penetrate 1 mm below the surface of the board, and the free end of the screw should enter at least 10 mm into the hollow space of the profile.

Repeat this action along the entire height of the board over an axial distance of max 150 mm. The vertical joints between the boards should be spaced at least 2 CW profiles axial distance.