How to Install a Light Switch Box in Drywall?

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2020-08-12 14:13:00










In this video we will show you how to install a single light switch box in a drywall.


Initially, it is necessary to have the metal bearing structure and one side of the plasterboard cladding installed.

The flexible pipe meant to hold the electrical switch cables should pass through the specially precut H-openings in the CW profiles. In case of UA profiles, it is necessary to use a cone drill bit for prepping the needed openings for the cables.

Standard distance for horizontal installation of electrical light cables is 40cm under the ceiling.  

In the above described manner, pass the cables along the wall to the desired location of the light switch.

Typical installation of a light switch is on the openable side of the door, min. 15 cm from the casing. Hight from the finished flooring to the switch should be in between 90 to 140cm depending on the preference of the residents.

After placing the cables in the flexible pipe, install the mineral wool insulation and closing the second side of the plasterboard cladding of the wall.

 Next step is marking the position of the light switch on the installed plasterboard. Using a hole-saw drill an opening with diameter of 67mm - the standard size of a single electrical switch box used in drywall building. In the so formed opening, install the switch box and then the light switch itself.