We care for the nature

Sustainability sets a challenge to provide a product, which facilitates our life, while at the same time reducing the environmental effects of the production, transport and assembly within set limits. Since its incorporation, Technogips Pro has strictly adhered to the principles of sustainable growth such as:

Green corner

  • Use of environment-friendly raw materials
  • Short transport distances
  • Low energy consumption and low-emission production process
  • Zero production waste
  • Closed recycling process / Recycling


Sustainability is term, which is inactiveusesince 1987, after the report “Our Common Future” of the United NationsWorld Commission on Environment and Development (WCED). In that report, sustainable development is defined as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Presently, sustainable growth is widely used as a term, related to the ecology.  Sustainability can be social (corporative and moral responsibility to the needs and the prosperity of the human being), economic, meaning sustainable economic growth and it can also be related to the environment, which is its default meaning. 

Technogips Pro is certified, according to Forest Stewardship Council standards for managing and monitoring of the raw paper origin of inputs in the production.

Why FSC?