Taping Inner Corner with Banjo, Level Q1

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2020-09-23 19:00:00











In this video we demonstrate a fast and easy method of reinforcing and finishing inner corner with paper tape and drywall banjo.


The so-called Banjo is a special tool used for fast and accurate drywall tape application on plasterboard joints on walls as well as on the area of the inner corners.

The banjo simultaneously spreads ready-mix on both sides of the tape thus significantly increasing the productivity and shortening the otherwise time-consuming process.


First, with the help of a mixer we stir on low speed the ready-to-use mixture FUGA&FINISH whilst adding small portions of water until the desirable semi-liquid consistency is achieved.

This way we ease the application of the paper tape with the banjo. We load the paper tape in the banjo and then we fill the compartment with the ready mixture.


We adjust the thickness of the applied layer on the paper to ‘medium’ or ‘maximum’ and we are ready to start the actual process.

Tape should be applied from top to bottom, whilst keeping the loaded with mixture tape straight with one hand, with the other hand pull the banjo downwards.


After applying the tape in this manner, we smooth it down with a inner corner roller and the excessive amount of the mixture is removed with a corner flusher.