Taping Drywall with Banjo, surface quality level level Q1

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2020-09-16 19:00:00










In this video we demonstrate easy and fast joint tape application between wallboards by usingPlasterboard banjo tool. According to Eurogypsum’s* classification this is quality level Q1 of the finished surface**. 


First, we mix on low speed the ready-to-use mix FUGA&FINISH adding in portions water to dilute to the desired semi-liquid consistency. This way we ease the tape application with banjo.

We load the paper roll in the banjo, pull out the end and set it in position, then we fill up the banjo with the plaster mixture.

We set the mixture layer thickness to maximum and we proceed to applying the tape.

For vertical joints, begin applying the tape from up to down, supporting the top end of the tape with one hand, while pulling the banjo downwards.

The so applied tape and mixture needs to be smoothed with trowel and taping knife to achieve good contact with the wallboards on both sides of the joint.


*Eurogypsum – European federation of the gypsum product manufacturing industry. Developed and established, the 4 levels of quality finish classification for plasterboard cladding aims to provide clear definitions thus helping to reduce subjective judging of the end result.

**Level Q1 is a basic requirement for joints filling between the gypsum wallboards (including the visible parts of the screws) and is considered sufficient for surfaces with following decorative thin-layered coatings. The surface achieved with level Q1 is suitable for ceramic wall tiles and coarse structured wall coating with thickness of at least 2mm, etc.