Full surface finishing with ready to use compound, surface quality level Q3

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In this video we demonstrate how to skim coat a drywall surface with ready-to-use compound. According to Eurogypsum’s* classification this is the third level of surface finishing – also called Q3**.


Here are the steps we followed:


One of the most important steps in using a ready to use compound is to pre-mix it with a mechanical stirrer at a slow speed after opening the package. If necessary, the compound can be diluted in portions with 200 ml of water per 20 kg of product, to the desired consistency for application.

After prepping the ready-to -use mixture we proceed to hand plastering with a trowel. With rectilinear moves Holding the tool under 30°, with rectilinear moves spread a thin layer of the ready mix. Typically, one or two moves are sufficient to even up all physical ridges and grooves, adding more of the mixture if necessary.

If needed, the surface could be smoothed with fine sandpaper after complete drying of the plaster.


*Eurogypsum – European federation of the gypsum product manufacturing industry. Developed and established, the 4 levels of quality finish classification for plasterboard cladding aims to provide clear definitions thus helping to reduce subjective judging of the end result.

**Quality level Q3 responds to higher demands of quality of the finished surface.


Level Q3 includes additional procedures:

  •  Completely finished level Q2, filled and finished joints between wallboards, well covered visible parts of the fixings, well defined inner and outer edges and corners.
  • Fine plastering to achieve continuous transition between the boards, including fine sanding of the area if necessary.


Level Q3 is a suitable level of completion in the following cases:

  • Fine structured and thin wallpaper coverings
  • Matt and fine structured paint coatings, applied with a basic paint roller
  • Decorative thin and fine structured topcoats with maximum particle size 1mm

It is important to note that quality level Q3 allows partly transparent areas in the jointing between the plasterboards especially under the effect of bright shallow light or in case of glossy finishing. If higher demands are made on quality of the finished surface we recommend the next quality level Q4.