Joint finishing with ready to use compound, surface quality level Q2

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2020-09-02 16:34:00










In this video we demonstrate how to finish the plasterboard joints after taping them. According to Eurogypsum’s* classification this is the prime level of surface finishing – also called Q2**.


Here are the steps we followed:


To be able to continue with level Q2 – to align the joint area with continuous transition to the board surface with ready-mix Fuga&Finish, the absolutely necessary requirement is the first layer, level Q1 to be completely dried (this could take up to 24 hours).

One of the most important steps in prepping a ready-to-use compound is to pre-mix it with a mechanical stirrer at a low speed after opening the package. If necessary, the compound can be diluted with up to 200 ml of water per 20 kg of product, water is added gradually to achieve the desired consistency for application.

After pre-mixing the compound, we can proceed with filling the joints.

Place enough of the compound on the trowel to completely fill the joint and press well to ensure thin continuous transitional layer aligning the join area to the board surface. The strip mixture on both sides of the joint should be approx. 200 mm along its entire length.



*Eurogypsum – European federation of the gypsum product manufacturing industry. Developed and established, the 4 levels of quality finish classification for plasterboard cladding aims to provide clear definitions thus helping to reduce subjective judging of the end result.

**Level Q2 fulfills the basic requirements for finishing of walls and ceilings. This quality level’s basic objective is to align the joint area and to ensure a continuous translation to the plasterboard surface.


Quality level Q2 includes:

  • Completely dried basic filling level Q1
  • Plastering and widening of the aligned joint area to achieve a smooth gradual transition between the wallboards, as well as sanding of those areas if necessary


Quality Level Q2 is suitable base for:

  • Medium to coarse structured textured wallpaper
  • Matt emulsion paints or paints with other fillers, often applied with basic paint roller.
  • Decorative topcoat and finishes with thickness of at least 1mm.


Useful tips:

  • Quality level Q2 does not ensure that marks and spots under the finishing layer will not be visible, particularly under bright or shallow light. These effects can be reduced by continuing with the next level Q3, which includes a thorough coating of the entire plasterboard surface.
  • If the finishing level of the surface is not specified, then by default quality level Q2 is accepted as sufficient.