How to Hide TV cables in Drywall?

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2020-08-26 15:02:00










In this video we demonstrate how to conceal TV cables in a drywall when changing the position of a socket box under a newly installed TV stand.


Those are the steps we followed:

First, we switch off the power and dismount the pre-existing outlet and socket box.

After that, we draw a horizontal guideline of the new position of the outlet under the TV stand. Applying pressure on the socket box over the wall cladding, we mark the centers of the holes to be drilled for the installation.

Using a hole-saw, we drill 3 openings with diameter of 67mm which afterward are united in one with the help of a drywall saw.

In the so-formed triple opening we install the socket box and then the electrical outlet and TV&Data network outlet.

To fix the hole in the drywall left from the dismounted and removed outlet, we need to outline and cut out a rectangular shape around it. We cut a piece of plasterboard with size 5mm smaller than the size of the opening to allow just enough space for the joint filler and to minimize the risk of cracking. This additional piece is mounted with drywall screws 3.5x25 to pre-installed supporting UD profiles to the back of the plasterboard. The so-formed closure needs to be finished with joint filler and joint tape.