HOW TO: Choosе a partition wall for an office, hang a picture and repair a small hole

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2020-09-01 16:54:00

Today we provide more information on the following subjects: how to repair a small hole in drywall, what is the right  system solution for office space and what is the most appropriate dowel for hanging a picture on drywall.

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Question 1: We would like to separate our open office space into individual working areas with plasterboard partition walls. What is the most appropriate system solution and is there anything specific to take into consideration?

Answer: Effective insulation from airborne sound and fire protection are the main factors when choosing a partition wall for office space. With Technogips Pro W1-2 partition wall and Sound Comfort Extra DF boards you can achieve airbore sound insulation up to 58 dB and fire protection up to 120 minutes with wall thickness of only 10 cm. This solution exceeds with 30% the standards’ requirements for partition walls in office premises and corridors. In comparison, normal human conversation produces airborne sound of 30-35 dB. Technogips Pro’s technical team is available for a free technical consultation.


Question 2: I want to hang a picture on a drywall, the picture is quite heavy. What dowels should I use?

Answer: Depending on the weight of the picture, you can use the following painting hook fixing schemes, which you can buy from any hardware store

  1. Weight up to 5 kg - hook with one nail
  2. Weight up to 10 kg - hook with two nails
  3. Weight up to 15 kg - hook with three nails 

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Question 3: There is a hole about 5 centimeters wide in my plasterboard wall. How can I fix it?

Answer: You will need self-adhesive joint tape to serve as a base and reinforcement, as well as a gypsum joint filler to level the surface. For more information, watch our video on this topic:


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